Our Brands


ICE BOX means freshness, aroma and taste of the gifts of nature frozen in time. Brand ICE BOX consists of carefully selected frozen fruits, vegetables and blends. Products are selected with the supreme care. Brand ICE BOX is prepared exclusively with nutritious fruits and vegetables, carefully balanced to meet the highest quality standards. Preparation of ready meals ICE BOX  runs only by proven and tasty recipes. ICE BOX will help you discover new flavors and aromas. They will also take you on a long, culinar journey or bring back holiday memories.


Is a variation on Russian cuisine at its best. It includes both traditional dishes from different regions of the country, as well as many dishes 'borrowed' from other nations which became a staple meals in Russian cuisine. Wide range of  'Zimowie' won't let boredom into your kitchen! Available only on the russian market.

Kulinarny Turizm

Brand 'Kulinarny Turizm' offers its clients a journey through the cuisines around the world. Specially prepared blends of frozen vegetables and fruits, will take you on a culinary tour through the five parts of Europe with a very distinct culinary traditions.  Brand  'Kulinarny Turizm' is a set of prepared dishes which allow You or Your family to prepare original and healthy meal.
Available only on the russian market.

Industrial offer

We have a wide range of frozen vegetables and fruits for industrial processing. Different qualities and sizes let you choose perfect option. On request, we develop blends of vegetables and fruits in packaging industry.